Original Painting - Acrylics on canvas 100x80cm (39x31 Inches)

Many call it Batmobile others call it Sharknose, either case it’s an icon of the bavarian automaker.

In this painting I want to show in all it’s glory front view of the car with detailed brush strokes and accents of green over the abstract background.

The painting shows the powerful look of the front grill with the signature kidneys of the brand and round headlights, a design that has represented the visual identity of BMW for many years.

The BMW, the 3.0 CSL (Coupé Sport Lightweight) built in 1973 with 206hp was the fastest and most powerful car of the bavarian factory at that time. The rear wing wasn’t street legal in Germany, customers received it separately and could attach it themselves, the nickname “Batmobile”comes from the spoiler and aerodynamic body kit. Only 1.265 units were built for homologation in the European Touring Championship where it won titles in 1973, 75, 76, 77, 78 and 1979 and broke the speed record at the Nurburgring. The first two BMW Art cars were two CSL models painted by renowned artists Frank Stella and Alexander Calder. This particular model with Castrol livery won the 6 Hours of Nürburgring in 1976 driven by Gunnar Nilsson, Hughes de Fierlant, Claude De Wael.

This piece is a must for art fans and BMW collectors and enthusiasts.